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Former Navy Seal John Mcguire Represents the Average CNN Personality in How Much He Knows   →

JOHN MCGUIRE, FORMER NAVY SEAL: That’s correct. Yes, it’s hard for many Americans to understand. So maybe oversimplify am I to compare it to football. You know, we make a play and sometimes that doesn’t work. So we get a second down. So I think it is a win that everybody came back and everybody is OK.

football analogy #1

MCGUIRE: Well, if there are people still on earth that think evil doesn’t exist. ISIS is doing a good job proving them wrong. They definitely, definitely exist and the only thing for evil to prevail is for good men to — sit around and do nothing. But it takes a whole lot. And, you know, it’s men and women in the military and in other services all over the world coming together, teamwork, leadership, communication, everyone connected.

vague moralistic pro-military propaganda

MCGUIRE: Well, to be honest, I think I speak for anyone who serves in our military. I see no positive reason why Americans know we were in Syria.

KEILAR: Does it upset you it was disclosed?

MCGUIRE: I think it does. It does. It upsets me.

clear hatred of democracy, free speech and journalism

MCGUIRE: I think so. It’s almost like — you know, oversimplified again. In a basketball game or a football game you do not want the opponent having your playbook. Because they can counter them so the less they know the better.

football analogy #2

KEILAR: You operate on surprise?

MCGUIRE: Well, the military, in general, all warfare is based on deception, whether it be — even in sports. I keep going back to sports to make it simple for all Americans. Like football and basketball and everything, if people know what you’re going to do, they can plan for it.

football analogy #3 plus clear hatred of average american

OK. A question to you, John. As the Navy — the perspective of a Navy SEAL, do you see and do your fellow SEALs and former SEALs see ISIS as worse than other enemies that you’ve dealt with? Is there something that just makes these bad guys the badder guys?

MCGUIRE: Well, I think they’re not trained to the level that we are but they’re certainly a threat. And at — in following the news, I think at one point they said they were 5,000 strong, then 10,000, I think I heard somewhere 80,000 strong. So I would take them seriously either way.

complete lack of knowledge on the subject (+ “badder guys”)

MCGUIRE: Yes, we can’t talk so much about the mission obviously or what we did. But I’ll tell you, it’s a team, it’s a brotherhood. And I’ve got — I care more about the guy next to me, to my right, and — you know, letting them down than my own life. And I think that’s the way they think. And because we think that way, we get through some crazy situations.

TODD: And you know, the ISIS guys think that way, too. They don’t really have much regard for their own lives, right, in these situations?

MCGUIRE: And that’s one of the reasons why it’s very important that we have the best people and the best training and the best equipment. Worst thing in the world is to hear about our men and women not being supplied properly.

portrayal of muslims as subhuman wave barbarians

it’s amazing how clear the propaganda is when you read their transcripts

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